The Harmony Project:  Traveling to the Next Level


The Harmony Project embodies a revolutionary philosophy of engagement by emphasizing the in-depth exploration of unique locations in a manner that is at once original as well as timeless in its scope. Offering a harmonious path to deep discovery through the exploration of an indigenous resort environment, the Harmony Project paradigm offers travelers unparalleled opportunities to move into lasting personal transformation through memorable and mindfully created experiences.

Such farsighted vision is a rarity - yet such is The Harmony Project: a unique concept in ‘deep travel’ for today’s dedicated luxury journeyer.


Drawing on a broad range of knowledge gained from over three decades of luxury hospitality experience, The Harmony Project model presents the 'New Luxury' world travel market with

Carefully developed collection of locations, each of which provides thoughtfully designed opportunities for genuine involvement (even investment), true indigenous cultural interaction, adventure immersion, and deep rejuvenation - all based completely upon the actual history, culture, and traditions of each Harmony Project locale.

When such a balanced blend of product, facility and programming is the basis for adventure, the experience offered to guests is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. The combination of uniquely beautiful places, facility designs and services which not only reflect but strive to honor local cultures, and experiences connected to the history, culture and peoples of each site, set the stage for transformation within a harmonious lifestyle.



A three-tiered luxury resort business model, The Harmony Project’s ‘Trio of Success’ model solidly supports all Harmony Project locations. Like a steady tripod, it balances its actions on three equally important working principles:

1. Business Balance - sound product marketing, finance, and communication

2. Developmental Balance - sincere and sensitive care for wildlife, land, and community

3. Harmonic Balance - an honest sense of place, history, and purpose

Following these guidelines, The Harmony Project achieves a living, self- sustaining presence in each of its project entities, one which invokes strong emotional response and connection. These core values underpin all Harmony Project properties, thus providing for an ongoing, shared experience of communal well-being between investors, colleagues, staff, and guests.

By consistently exceeding client expectations and steadily unfolding fresh, intriguing client engagements, The Harmony Project sustains market attention, both avoiding obsolescence and expressing its fullest potential over time.