The main emphasis of most business models focuses on the first ‘leg’ of the ‘Trio’ tripod: business practices - while completely ignoring the potential for creating true harmony through the inspired addition of the critical ‘second and third legs’.  A sincere involvement in the well-being of a locale, as well as an honest exploration of the sense of place, history, and purpose latent within its identity provides the critical difference.

By honoring these powerful ingredients for success, The Harmony Project adds unforgettable value and expression through its strong focus on:.

A Sense of Place addresses cultural and geographical contexts, celebrating the inherent spirit of the environment, its wildlife, its employees, and their local community, thus creating an unparalleled opportunity for genuine personal experiences. The indelible memories that remain with a traveler will always come from such direct encounters.

A Sense of History honors the historical, social, and anthropological aspects of a locale, thereby supporting vibrant and engaging thematic platforms that add truly sustainable purpose to adventures and activities. Direct encounters and personal involvement create lasting connections for guests, staff, and stakeholders.

A Sense of Purpose engages the civil, self-improvement, and environmental interactions which play such an important role in giving the client a deeper sense of personal involvement, bringing novelty, authenticity, freedom,  and vibrant social involvement into play.

  1. Three locations to be established in five destinations:

African Living Spas of Tanzania

  1. On the verdant slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, this 80-year-old historical working farm and coffee plantation embodies the essence of colonial East Africa.

  2. Tarangire National Park, outside Boundary Hill gate this Maasai community is

  3. Indian Ocean, Mafia Island celebrates the Marine Safari and swahili coast culture.  

Rainforest Living Spa & Resorts, Costa Rica

  1. Set in the lush Pacific Coast rainforest region of Costa Rica, three forest locations will be established with beach-front and primary rainforest. They will based upon ancient Mesoamerican and tropical approaches to wellness and rejuvenation.

West East Bridge, China Resource for Life

  1. This ‘art in life’ approach offers a harmonious balance between art, culture, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and recreation through an inspired mix of artistic expression, lodging, and Living Museum/Chinese Living Spa ® experience. Three Key locations will be established, each uniquely capturing an authentic sense of place and history, support true community and environmental responsibility.

Indian Living Spa, Resorts & Estates

  1. A 5000 acre rice village small clusters of guest residences will be located just south of Pune. A community co-op will be established to launch the Living Museum, producing art, dwellings and food.

  2. A second property will be located just north and west of Jaipur - a hunting lodge constructed more than 100 years ago.

  3. The third site is a historic palace set for renovation and conversion. The Indian Ocean front location will become a destination Ayurvedic Destination Spa and reachable by boat from Mumbai to the north.

Bhutan Living Spa & Palaces

  1. Historic palace in Paro, 20 minutes from the airport, will be restored and expanded.

  2. Historic palace in the central Tang Valley is a living museum and wellness centre. Situated on the ancient trading footpaths it serves the culture, wellness and trekking adventurous.

  3. In a rice village such as Youwakha in Punakah, we shall establish small clusters of dwellings.

Projects in Pre-Development

Immersive Travel Experiences

The Harmony Project model reinvents many hospitality paradigms to create authentic and high-yielding destinations.  We align developmental phases over time, wherein design, construction, marketing and operations are in synergy.  We develop (or co-develop) manage and market the project.  A number of global destinations are in predevelopment, and listed on the right.

  1. For new projects we are thoroughly involved in Design and development. This process is described here.

  1. We have been asked what is the Harmony Hotel experience.  We present this experience here.

TEKOA Property Management, Costa Rica -   Tekoa Property & Rental Management was launched by the Harmony Project five years ago.  It demonstrates our unified approach to delivering the Harmony Experience among many rental villas. It has become the largest property management company south of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Stemming from the native-Costa Rican tribe of Boruca, the word “Tekoa” means residence. Experience the ancestral art of hospitality, intertwined with the luxurious services of a resort.

Tekoa avoids the commercialisation and cookie-cutter hospitality that confines travellers to small spaces, crowded restaurants and common, oversized pools. “Villas by Tekoa” feature abundant square footage, full kitchens with modern appliances, vast views and the flexibility to customise your own experience with the help of Tekoa’s Professional Resort Concierge Specialist.

A Tekoa villa rental is suitcase ready, meaning that homes are custom in design, fully decorated with the finest furniture and accessories including towels, linens and modern amenities. All you need are clothes and personal toiletries for your adventure to begin. Experience Pura Vida, Tekoa-Style.