A new wind of change is blowing through the world of luxury travel as increasingly sophisticated journeyers deepen their search for unforgettable encounters with the world around them. No longer satisfied with exclusive luxury and unbridled pampering, the goal of this important market segment now focuses on inward and outward journeying with a true sense of purpose.
As they quest for ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation, adventure and connection in powerfully memorable locations, these seekers desire nothing less than the ultimate traveler's grail: transformation through unequaled, authentic experiences that provide deep personal meaning and growth resulting in enduring harmony with the world around them.

New Tourism, New Luxury
The attempt to satisfy this growing desire for meaning through increased levels of branded luxury and 'old world service' is simply not enough, as this more traditional formula depends on providing a constant press of artificially created events and sensations, an inauthentic formula that never truly fulfills the search for transformative encounters. The endlessly competitive drive to sell "what's new" can never provide the lasting quality of experience that those modern travelers who epitomize the term "New Tourism" are now seeking.
As a counterbalance to this highly competitive hospitality model, a more enlightened approach to travel with meaning is now emerging. "The Harmony Project" unveils a revolution in travel destination design, one that not only expands upon the principles of the recently developed Experience Economy model of the 1990's, but its basic tenets into the realm of authentic discovery.
A New Wind of Change